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We specialise in genuine aftermarket B.M.W parts. We have been established for five years, we only deal with B.M.W's and we have the expertise to service any B.M.W needs.

B.M.-Wise offers the following services:

We are located at:

316 Broadway,
Kent DA6 8AA

Delivery of your car is at our service centre next door at:

Unit 3A Sandford Road,
just off of Crook Log Broadway.

Call us on 020 8303 5211 for more information or further directions or click here to contact us online.

B.M.W Repair Specialists

Even B.M.Ws have their moments.

Once your B.M.W is at our Service and Repair Centre we will run a complete diagnostic of the problem and prepare an on-the-spot competitive quotation.

Once we get your permission to proceed then our B.M.W specialists will get your B.M.W back to full health.

Visiting hours: 9am - 5pm Monday - Saturday!


Virtual Daylight
xenon headlight conversion kit. New product available for most models. E46 kit shown. £199+vat contact us for more info.

It means quite a lot today to be up to date with everything what is happening around you. Having social media profiles, following what happens on a daily basis and being part of the modern culture may not be what you want. Escorts take the simple way, they just don't do what they don't like, and everyone will be happy at the end.

However, you can't deny one thing, and that is that most of these new 'tools' are quite useful. Smartphones have, for example, made life much easier and even though cars are not that new, you still need to adjust to them, and be up to date. An escort from can help you with that, and bring joy in your daily life, so go and meet her.

Having a car is not that easy

Most people think that having a car and maintaining it means just to clean it and fill up the gas. The reality is much different than that, especially if you didn't buy the car in a brand new condition. Every month or so, there will be something on it that needs to be changed, the tires will eventually get used, filters are a constant thing that you need to think of and there are many other parts.

Escorts will advise you to make a general check each one or two years. That will cost you a little, but it can prevent so much more, in case that one damage leads to another. You can find of these stunning ladies that work as an escort on the Escort Directory. They will know quite a lot about everything considering cars and they will advise you on what you need to do in order to keep it safe and going. As said, a mini service every now and then can change so many things and make the performance of your vehicle much higher than it usually is.

Servicing is quite important

There are a few factors that make a good service. First the timing needs to be good, you cannot wait five years between two services, because most of those five years your car will be damaged. Another factor is the place where you get your car serviced, and for escorts this is the most important one. You need to be picky and careful when choosing the mechanic that will work on your car. Some of them think only about the profit they will make, and it happens often that they just break one or two parts on the go, so that you need to let them repair those as well. Every escort has been in this situation, so let her tell you how to avoid this.

In case you are driving a nicer car, like Mercedes, BMW or Porsche, you will expect that the mechanic will especially take care of it, but that doesn't need to be the case. Escorts think that in these cases, they only see you as a client that can pay more. You will also need to be sure that the parts that were installed are original ones. Therefore, leave your vehicle only to those mechanics who know what they are doing and whom you can trust.